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Healthcare Payment Solutions

Payment processing and email invoicing solution for healthcare clinics and professionals.

Get paid quicker and on time

Set up flexible payment plans for your patients in office with our easily managed and flexible payment collection options.

  • Email invoicing

    Send patients directly to your payment portal to pay bills online.

  • Manage in-office payments

    Process payments in office with our secure EMV payment processing solution.

  • Collections

    Manage payments through the PCI customer vault and recurring billing.

Increase your payment collections and reduce your workload

Keep your patient's card on file in an encrypted and secure PCI certified patient vault. Set up payment plans to bill your customers automatically, without having to manually create charges.

Simple, online billing for your patients

Patients get confused by the hundreds of different ways they can pay their invoice. Our healthcare payment solution makes it easy to send invoices to your patients to pay online. Reduce late payments and avoid costly collections efforts.

  • Patient vault

    Keep your patients credit card data on file in a secure, PCI certified and encrypted card vault.

  • Online bill pay

    Have your patients pay directly online with their credit or debit card.

  • Direct email

    With clear calls to action, your patients know exactly what to do and when to pay.

HIPAA compliance made easy.

Looking to better secure your patients records? Explore our HIPAA compliance tool, HIPAA compliance management, auditing, and training modules.

  • HIPAA Compliance Dashboard
  • Incident response

    Training modules

    Policy management

    Asset inventory

    And more...

Request a demo of our payment portal & HIPAA compliance tool.

See how you can leverage our payment processing tools and HIPAA dashboard to focus on what matters most.

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