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Simple payment processing. No hidden fees.

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Save money on credit card processing fees

Saving merchants up to 35%*

Save money on your merchant account with us! We offer both interchange and tiered pricing based on your projected monthly volumes to give you the best rates. We have the most competitive pricing in the industry with plans custom made for you!

* claims based on average historical merchant savings from 5/10/16 - 2/17/17.

Transparent payment processing

1.99% + 25¢

Per transaction

24/7 US-based tech support

Apple Pay & Android Pay support

Compatible with most gateways

Compatible with most POS systems

Chargeback assistance

¹1.99% applies to qualified swiped, dipped and key entered transactions. 1.50% non-qualified surcharge assessed on interchange qualifications including but not limited to: international, world, enhanced, business, purchasing and commercial cards. Visa FANF fee and MC Location Fee assessed as pass through at current rate. Monthly fee $15. Process over $75,000/mo or prefer IP Plus pricing? Contact us.

Michael, Owner, Map Therapy

I saved 33% on all my merchant activity... As a small business, this means a lot! The service I received during my transfer was outstanding! Thank you... and I will be sending many other businesses your way.

Need a side-by-side comparison?

Have you had your statement checked recently? We've seen so many statements and know where to look! Send us your current merchant statement and we’ll analyze your rates and let you know what you could be saving with us!

Check if we're compatible with your existing point of sale system

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Switching from another payment processing company and want to see if what you're currently using is compatible with us? Our merchant solution specialists can help! See if your existing POS system is compatible with us.

Need to see other solutions first?

Settling on a solution can be difficult, but we're here to help! We don't mind if you have a look around first. 😊

Make the switch and start saving today 💰

Start saving on credit card processing fees. Get in touch with us today and request your free statement review, we'll show you how much you could be saving with us.

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