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Merchant Lending

Flexible & modern merchant lending

Grow your business with merchant lending

Tidal Commerce

Funding options that work for merchants of all sizes and ages. Need a merchant loan to get a quick start? We're ready to fund your idea.

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Flexible merchant lending for today’s fast-paced business

Fund your business with an easy to acquire loan. Minimize the time spent trying to receive funding from banks. Receive funding up to $500K with a term up to 18 months!

  • Easy pay off

    Payments are as easy as making sales. Loan repayment is based on daily transaction volume.

  • Funding up to $500k

    Receive what you need to get your projects off the ground.

  • Quick turnaround

    Once approved, receive your funding generally within two days.

Repayment as easy as running your business

Once you receive your funds, there's nothing else you need set-up, other than continue business as usual! Repayment is based on a percentage of your daily credit card sales.

  • Credit Cards

    Process credit cards

    Accept your credit cards like you normally would.

  • Money Sack

    Fixed rate

    A fixed percentage is withheld from all card sales.

  • Clock

    No set term

    Repayment amount fluctuates based on cash flow.

Easy application and approval process

Let us know how much you need, provide just a few documents and you’re almost in! Get approved and funded within 3 days and start putting your loan to good use.

  • Calendar

    At least 3 months in business

    Just opened? No problem. You can still receive merchant funding.

  • Money Stack

    $5,000 minimum monthly credit sales

    Pay off your loan from your monthly credit card sales.

  • Existing Tidal Merchant

    Not an existing merchant of ours? We can fix that. Get started today to learn more.

Meeting requirements does not guarantee funding.

Use your funds as you like

Put your funding towards opening a new location, hiring new employees or expanding your marketing. Your funds can be used however your business needs.

  • Restaurant Food

    Fund your restaurant

    Need help starting a renovation? Hiring a new chef? Or just reaching out to your clients with marketing?

  • Retail

    Fund your retail store

    Need a new POS? Want to hire more staff? Market more? Start with a loan and expand your business!

  • Health Clinic

    Fund your clinic

    Hiring more staff? Updating old equipment? Renovating your clinic? All this and more is possible with a little help. From us!

A great way to help your business grow

Tidal Lending Open for Business Tidal Lending Business Success Accepting Payments

Support you can count on

Live Customer Support

Your flexible loan comes with a dedicated account manager so you know who to talk to for help and support with your billing or funding options.

Let’s grow your business together

Call or fill out our form online. Our sales team will be happy to walk you through the merchant lending process. We'll show you how our merchants take advantage of our merchant loans.

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