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Mobile Credit Card Reader

Easy to use. Easy to deploy. Mobile credit card reader made just for your Android phone or iPhone.

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The perfect combination. Your phone + mobile reader.

Easy, no-touch deploy. Plug in and process directly from your iPhone or Android phone. Without worrying about other data plans and expensive standalone machines.

iPhone plus reader

Packed full of business-enhancing features

  • Multi-merchant,

  • Manage

  • Manage past transactions

  • Real-time

From the bird’s eye to the details

View the full feed of transactions, across the business or for specific users. See transaction-level detail, including transaction IDs, amount, date, signatures, SKU and more.

Manage past transactions from one place

Easily perform voids and refunds for each transaction. You can also re-send copies of receipts to your customers.

Take your payments on the go with the easy to use mobile app

Tap, swipe, pay repeat. You can even add additional users and merchant accounts.*

Mobile reader terminal app

*Additional monthly fee of $3.95 for each user/merchant account.

Mobile Swiper App

1.99%¹ + 25¢
per transaction

Android and iPhone Support

Inventory and SKU support

Free training and live demo

EMV and Magstripe compatible

¹1.99% applies to qualified swiped, dipped and key entered transactions. 1.50% non-qualified surcharge assessed on interchange qualifications including but not limited to: international, world, enhanced, business, purchasing and commercial cards. Visa FANF fee and MC Location Fee assessed as pass through at current rate. Monthly fee $15. Process over $75,000/mo or prefer IP Plus pricing? Contact us.


per EMV reader
end-to-end encrypted
+ $20.95/mo

The rugged, simple EMV card reader

Our card readers ar designed to work with both EMV chip cards and magnetic stripe cards. Small enough to fit in your pocket. Compatible with iPhone 7.

Mobile credit card reader

End-to-end encrypted

Cardholder data is encrypted before it ever leaves the device. Securing your transactions and providing protection for sensitive data.

iPhone and credit card reader

Industries the mobile reader is great for

  • Moving & Storage

  • On-site contractors

  • Food trucks

  • Markets

And more... The mobile reader goes wherever you go, allowing you to take payments wherever you need them.

24/7/365 US-based technical support and troubleshooting

Never miss a payment when you're experiencing technical difficulties with your terminal. Our support team is available for support 24-hours a day 7-days a week all year.

Questions about our mobile processing product?

Demos are just a quick call away! Reserve a demo with our merchant solutions specialist today.

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