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Credit Card Terminals

Secure and easy credit card processing.

Credit card machines

Get yourself up and running with a secure, easy to use, and fast credit card machine. Our credit card machines can be programmed to work on mobile networks, point of sale systems, or over ethernet.

Use your favorite terminal

Like using Dejavoo, Ingenico or Verifone credit card machines? No problem! We support all of them.

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Say hello to the smart terminal

Poynt Smart Terminal

Say hello to Poynt. The first terminal you'll love and the last one you'll need. Designed from the ground up to run your business as efficiently as possible, at a quarter of the cost of comparable systems.

Take payments with ease, on the go or in store


Start accepting credit cards securely. We have different solutions for different business types. Need a mobile solution? We've got mobile credit card readers too. Get a credit card terminal up and running with EMV and popular mobile wallets in no time with our amazing support team!

EMV Chip and Pin ready


Prevent chargebacks and fight fraud with an EMV-Ready credit card machine. Protect your business from potential theft, stolen credit cards, and fatal chargebacks.

Safeguard your transactions


Start securing your transactions with an EMV Certified terminal and routine PCI vulnerability scans of your machine. Don’t fall victim to attacks or fraudulent transactions; protect your cardholders and maintain your reputability.

Add a credit card terminal to your existing point of sale

Connect your existing point of sale system with a secure credit card machine. Avoid storing valuable cardholder data in your point of sale system, integrate a terminal directly to the gateway and get the same great functionality with enhanced security.

Backed by an amazing support team

Support Team

24/7/365 US-based technical support for your credit card terminals. Always by your side to help you with anything. Our technical support can help you fix problems with your terminal 24/7/365 days a year.

Questions about our payment processing products?

We're ready to answer your questions and help pick the best payment processing products for your business. Get in touch with us and get started today!