Payment Tokenization Process

What is Payment Tokenization and How Does It Secure Cardholder Data?

To us, it’s clear why everyone needs to know what payment tokenization is, but you might need some convincing. So, we put together four reasons for your consideration. Read on for a few answers to questions you may have on this topic. Can you give a few examples of tokens in use today? Absolutely. You come across them more often than you might imagine because tokens are becoming quite popular in the e-commerce arena. Whenever a website “keeps your card on file” for recurring payments or subscription billing, the site uses tokens. Another example is the “one-click” express checkout (think Amazon) process for customers. Another common use in recent years has been in near-field communication (NFC) mobile wallets, like Apple Pay and Android Pay. These mobile wallets transfer your payment information from your smartphone to a nearby vendor’s terminal. The process uses radio waves that allow smartphones and other devices…

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