Common Questions about PCI Compliance

4 Answers to Common Questions About Compliance With PCI Data Security Standards

PCI DSS and the PCI SSC requires ASV scans and SAQs for every merchant. Bleh. Enough with all the jargon. Here are some questions that we’ve been asked over the years with transparent, easy-to- understand answers. When you boil it down, PCI compliance is simple. Let’s start by de-mystifying those acronyms … PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. These are the benchmarks for security that every merchant account that accepts credit cards needs to meet. PCI SSC – Payment Card Industry Security Standards Commission. Basically this is Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and Amex®. They’re technically an independent organization that defines the standards for data security. ASV – Approved Scanning Vendor. These are companies that are approved to scan your network and tech systems to ensure that they’re in compliance. SAQ – Self-Assessment Questionnaire. This handy tool lets you do a self-check-up that will help you understand if you’re…

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