Choosing a Credit Card Processor

The Software Developer’s Tips for Choosing a Payment Processor

Our hats go off to all the software developers out there. They’re creating some of the most amazing ways to interface with the world and make our lives and businesses better every day. Nowadays, most SaaS products, web applications or other technology requires a payment system on the back-end. When you’re at the point in development where you’re looking to integrate a payments solution, it’s important to keep these four considerations in mind. 1. Long Term Cost When evaluating a payment partner for your software it’s important to keep the long-term costs in mind. Even though a processor may offer an upfront discount, you should think about what your 3-year and 5-year costs would be. By partnering with a processor that offers a lower per transaction fee, you’re not going to let payment bills get the better of you down the line. 2. User Experience After the technical “bones” of…

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