Credit Card Machine Costs

How Much Does a Credit Card Machine Cost?

So you’re on the lookout for new credit card machines for your business or, perhaps, you’re forecasting replacement costs for your stores and need a working range to work off of. Whatever your reasoning for being here, it’s important to understand that credit card machines are a bit tricky when it comes to pricing. Almost all of them carry a variety of associated fees, and it’s never “just” the hardware. With this caveat in mind, we’ll breakdown the costs into three separate categories: hardware, associated fees, and other miscellaneous fees. Hardware Costs Credit card machines can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000, depending on the features you need and the company you purchase them from. At the base level, you can expect a magnetic strip, display screen, keypad, and chip card capabilities. If you’re only looking to provide basic service, then you shouldn’t be spending more than a couple hundred…

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Key Entered vs EMV

Why You Should Never Key in Transactions

We have all been in those situations where we are ringing up a transaction and the card reader, for whatever reason, will not process the customer’s card. This can be a real annoyance and so we are relieved when at this time, we remember that we can simply key in the card and complete the transaction. Seems innocent enough, right? The truth is, this is actually costing you more than you probably realize. If you are a business owner who deals with processing credit card payments at a checkout, you need to be aware of the dangers of doing this and know why you should never key in a transaction. How Credit Card Fees Work When it comes to the subject of keying in credit card transactions, we first need to get some background and take a look at how credit card fees work. From the perspective of the payment…

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