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As Mobile Terminals Take Hold, Countertop Terminals Will Start to Disappear

What’s next in the world of payment processing? With the constant flux in the way that we purchase products, it is clear that we have not yet arrived at the way things are going to be. One particular innovation in payment processing that has been making its way onto the scene is the mobility of payment terminals. Mobile payment terminals do not only present a benefit to the location independent business but are even starting to reinvent the whole shopping experience. As mobile terminals take hold, countertop terminals will start to disappear, leaving a whole different kind of approach to the way a store is run. This may not be something we are seeing much of yet, however it has already started to manifest itself in the restaurant industry as we will see. Mobile Terminals in the Restaurant Industry Some restaurants have already started to utilize mobile payment terminals as…

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How Does NFC Payment Work

How Does NFC Payment Work?

Technology is changing the world around us at a rapid rate. It has made its mark on nearly every kind of industry, including that of payment processing. Mobile devices are quickly becoming an all-in-one device for our everyday lives. Not only can we use them to manage our bank accounts and perform other basic tasks, they are now an option for making payments. This approach to paying is known as NFC payment and it is quickly gaining in popularity. If you are a merchant and you have not yet considered NFC payment, you have come to the right place. Let’s take a look at what it is and how it works below. How Does NFC Payment Work? First, let’s take a look at how this form of payment actually works. NFC, which stands for near field communication, is at a very basic level simply “contactless” communication between two devices. In regards…

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The Best Credit Card Processing Hardware for Merchants

When it comes to running a business in a time when payment processing hardware seems to be evolving everyday, it can be overwhelming to find the solution that best fits your business’s needs. However, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. As a merchant, you need a credit card processor that does it all rather than using outdated countertop options that force you to pick and choose what conveniences you can use and which ones you will have to live without. With this guide to the best credit EMV hardware, we will outline the best EMV solutions. Here we’ve distilled the best credit card processing hardware options for merchants. Countertop Credit Card Terminals With the commonplace nature of countertop terminals, you may not have thought of them as an outdated method for payment processing. However, they simply are not as versatile as some of the more recent innovations. Though there is much that…

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