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Merchant Testimonials

Merchants love the support, savings, and value Tidal Commerce offers!

Bayshore Allied Logo

Bayshore Allied

Marsha Folz

We converted... in summer of 2012. The conversion was relatively easy and the staff... did all in their power to answer any questions and assist us in customizing the information that we wanted to appear on our credit card transactions.

Chicagoland Chambers Logo

Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce

Jill Synoga Senior Director, Accounting

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce has been using Tidal Commerce for over 10 years. One of the reasons that we switched to them and have not left is their customer service. It is so nice to be able to call when we have a problem and know that we will be able to talk to a person which was not the case with previous processors. They have always gone out of their way to help us save money and explain statement charges that are hard to understand...

Wise Guys Vapes

Wise Guys Vapes

Gaz, Owner

We’ve been using Tidal Commerce now for over two years. We love the team and our clear rates. We use both the gateway for our online store and a credit card machine for our in-store customers. Any issues that come up are resolved quickly with their fantastic customer support team. Their support team is always helpful and follows up with us to make sure everything is going well. We definitely recommend them for their transparency, support, and quick response times.

Pivot 10 Results

Pivot 10 Results

Gina Trimarco, President & Chief Executive Officer

We've been working with Premier Payments, now Tidal Commerce, for several years for several reasons. They saved us a lot of money for both our companies and their customer service rocks. They've always been attentive and helpful for any of our needs, including understanding PCI compliance. Highly recommend working with them!

Almost Home Kids Logo

Almost Home Kids

Deborah Grisko, President & Chief Executive Officer

...We have been very pleased with the continual cost savings and attentive service we receive.

Weicher Law Offices

Michael Weicher, Owner, Weicher Law Offices

I started using Tidal Commerce as a solo attorney and appreciated the easy to use web access to process credit card payments.  I have not had any problems with the service, and received great customer service setting up the account and look forward to continuing to use Tidal Commerce’ service for the indefinite future.

Lombard Chambers of Commerce Logo

Lombard Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Yvonne, Executive Director

With easy online access for both our members and our staff, processing has never been easier. We have been very satisfied with the low costs.

Hotel Gaythering

Hotel Gaythering

Matt Downey, General Manager

Tidal Commerce has always gone above and beyond to guarantee our business runs smoothly. The only occasion we had an issue it was resolved quickly and never occurred again. Aside from the cost savings, the main reason I have worked with them for so many years is their customer service. Tidal may be a large company but it never feels that way. Our Merchant Solutions Specialist, has always been easy to reach and willing to help out in any way he can. Our Client Relations Specialist, is a life saver always able and willing to explain something I need help with. Reaching out to just see how things are going and even sending a hand written letter to welcome us when we transitioned into their preferred Gateway. Tidal is constantly exceeding my expectations and I highly recommend working with them!

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