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Meet The Team

Executive team

Drew Sementa

Drew Sementa

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

In 2003, from the basement of his home, Drew started what is today’s Tidal Commerce, an established player in the Merchant Processing Services Industry. Drew has been Tidal's driving force and CEO ever since its beginning.

Angela Sementa

Angela Sementa

President & Chief Operations Officer

Angela Sementa joined Tidal Commerce near its infancy in 2005. Starting in sales, Angela saw an opportunity to provide structure and organization to a start-up with great potential. She has played a key role in Tidal's rapid growth, forming valuable relationships with the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center.

Mark Spirek

Mark Spirek

Chief Technology Officer

Before Mark joined Tidal, Mark worked for several startups and design agencies. He founded his own design and digital development studio working with clients specializing in ecommerce, managed web hosting, and app development. Today, Mark manages all digital projects ranging from web-development, branding, design, and software development.

  • Brittany Banks

    Brittany B.

    Merchant Relations Specialist Team Lead

  • Darien Marion-Burton

    Darien B.

    Merchant Solutions Specialist

  • Carmine Sementa

    Carmine S.

    Merchant Solutions Specialist

  • Alyse Martin

    Alyse M.

    Assistant Operations Manager

  • Linda Susmilch

    Linda S.

    Client Relations Specialist

  • Loretta Romo

    Loretta R.

    Chargeback Specialist

  • Loretta Romo

    Jane D.

    Rates Specialist

  • Dan Previte

    Dan P.

    Director of Software Development

  • Mark Guagenti

    Mark G.

    Web Developer

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