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Press and Media

Press coverage about Tidal Commerce

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Bartering with the Big Boss: How to Sell to CEOs

Any salesperson who is a Games of Thrones fan may well have felt some form of affinity with ‘the faceless men’. While (hopefully) your job description doesn’t include changing faces to undertake stealthy assassinations, being able to adapt your outward demeanor, character, and pitch depending on who you are speaking to is an essential skill for anyone who works in sales...

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The Payments Industry Has a Place for Any New Solution That Actually Solves a Need

We have spent the last 13 years building a foundation in the payments industry and through our recent tech acquisition, we are now poised for scale and growth. We are developing software tools that we know are needed to the SMB market. We have recently partnered with Poynt, the first manufacturer of “smart terminals.” This partnership will help us deliver our full suite of software tools to the point-of-sale...

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3 Lifesaving Business Tips to Keep Your SMB Afloat

While the jury is still out on the exact figures for the amount of businesses which fail in their early stages, estimated survival rates for young startups and SMBs are enough to send most would-be entrepreneurs running back to their day jobs. Experts have challenged a 2013 Forbes article which suggests 80% businesses fail within the first 18 months, however the Small Business Administration (SBA) estimates as many as one-third of total businesses will fail during the first 2 years...

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Make Payment Solutions A Top Priority

While you’d expect payment processors to play by the rules when it comes to interchange fees, the reality is, they don’t. Many companies bump up interchange fees without consent, leaving merchants in the dark about what they’re being charged for, and essentially ripping them off. It happens to SMBs and large enterprises alike...

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How Startups Manage Increasing Financial Trade

Tidal Commerce is a merchant solutions company that focuses on helping small and medium sized businesses grow. They offer payment processing solutions for merchants of all sizes, both online and in-store, including secure and easy credit card processing, a strong point of sales system, easy online payment options and a flexible lending system...

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An Honest Payments Solution to Help SMBs Grow Combining Great Tech With Security

The Tidal Commerce model is very personable and down-to-earth, which includes simple and transparent pricing, no hidden fees, no setup fees, and no cancellation fees...

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Tidal Commerce Launches All-In-One Smart Terminal

The terminal features one screen for merchants and one for customers, a single slot for mag stripe and chip cards, an NFC reader for Apple Pay, as well as a built in printer and scanner. Merchants can also use it to offer both paper and SMS receipts to their customers...

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Premier Payment Systems and Impeccable Digital merge to form Tidal Commerce

Premier Payment Systems, a payment processor with over a decade of industry experience and Impeccable Digital, a digital design and development agency have merged to form Tidal Commerce, a merchant solutions company that focuses on helping small and medium sized businesses grow...

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Premier Payment Systems and Impeccable Digital Merge

Tidal POS has all the nifty features you’d expect with a traditional POS system but, at half the size and for a quarter of the price-merchants have the ability to manage their inventory, employees, and customers from one single interface. Not bad Tidal, not bad at all...

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About Tidal Commerce

Meet Tidal Commerce! Tidal is a family-run merchant services provider based out of Oak Brook. Tidal has been in operation for 12 years and is considered a serious player in the payments industry; however, we are not your typical processor. Tidal Commerce started with a mission, to lift the veil on a complex industry of partnerships, integrations, and unfair practices. We believe in making payments accessible for merchants of all sizes. Our unique blend of experience and technology combined, enables cloud-powered solutions capable of supporting merchants of all sizes.

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