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Our beliefs

Productivity Award

Tidal Commerce started with a mission: to lift the veil on a complex industry of partnerships, integrations and unfair practices. We believe in making payments accessible for merchants of all sizes. Tidal Commerce has over 12 years of industry experience with credit card processing. Our unique blend of experience and technology enables cloud-powered solutions capable of supporting merchants of all sizes.

The history behind Tidal Commerce


Tidal Commerce began in 2003 (then known as Premier Payment Systems) and quickly became mature in the merchant processing industry. Tidal grew to serve hundreds of merchants and partners. Today Tidal has the combined experience of mature financial relationships along with the expertise of experienced developers and designers.

  • 1000s
    of merchants

  • $1,000,000,000s

  • 13 years
    BBB A+

Who we've helped

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Don’t just take their word for it. Become a partner with us today and see how Tidal Commerce can help you grow. Take payments easier than ever.

High-rated customer satisfaction

Productivity Award

Tidal's core values include transparency, honesty, and education. We not only value transparency for our clients, but with our own internal team, too. In our offices, lines of communication are always open, fair play is mandatory, and fun, endless energy and enthusiasm are expected. We are always looking to expand our family! In return for your dedication, we’ll give you hands-on training and a lifetime of financial freedom.

Security for our merchants and partners

Secure Site

Our dedication to merchant and cardholder security is paramount. We assist our merchants in adhering to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which requires enhanced payment account data security that minimizes threats such as identity theft and fraud. Our products rely on proven security-first technology that doesn’t leave card numbers and bank accounts vulnerable. As a result your customers can be assured that their information is protected.

Keeping it safe, internally and externally


Merchants trust us, and they should. Our network, internal infrastructure, and hosting environment is built for security from the ground up. We're constantly educating our team to ensure we're focused on security and always looking for ways to improve. We take your privacy and security very seriously and go above and beyond the security standards to ensure all bases are covered.

Meet our team

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