Tidal Commerce & Mercova Media Partner

Tidal Commerce Partners With Mercova Media

Tidal Commerce has partnered with Mercova Media in an exciting venture that will allow merchants to get the word out through custom-made websites and marketing.

Mercova Media is a digital marketing agency providing website development, website optimization, social media marketing, software development, paid advertising, and marketing consulting to merchants. It offers custom solutions to companies of all sizes in several different industries.

How Mercova is Helping Small Businesses Succeed

Many merchants struggle to find their message and develop their brand when it comes to marketing. Some, simply don’t have the funds available to pull it off successfully, and that’s where Mercova Media steps in.

The partnership between Tidal Commerce and Mercova Media will allow merchants to utilize several benefits such as website development and website optimization. Mercova collaborates with merchants to bring their concepts to life in developing an attractive and functional website in the areas of e-commerce, marketing websites and web applications. Mercova ensures merchant websites are modern, secure, mobile and user friendly by using the latest technologies and frameworks. The goal is to optimize the merchant’s website to target customers and bring them to that merchant’s website.

The End Goal, Providing Merchants With Successful, Market-driven Websites

Mercova Media’s goal is to help merchants have an active presence on social media to engage their customers and generate leads. Mercova will work diligently to increase a merchant’s online presence by developing a strong brand identity. If an issue arises, Mercova can develop solutions that streamlines processes and generates revenue.

Social media ads, AdWords and retargeting campaigns can give merchants the presence needed to generate new customers. Mercova Media utilizes and manages such ads to optimize customer generation. Generating new leads and converting them to new customers is Mercova Media’s number one goal.

Another benefit of Mercova media is that it offers to merchants marketing and technology consulting. If a merchant needs some guidance in building its marketing and technology foundation, Mercova Media can help. Mercova specialize in all things digital and can help a merchant take the proper steps to market its company successfully.

About Tidal Commerce

Tidal Commerce provides credit card processing and merchant services to companies of all sizes. Whether the business is a large e-commerce site, small restaurant or large merchant, Tidal has powerful solutions to fit any business.

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